• Finally Retired

    Devin Leonard doesn’t have his facts right on the USPS violence issue. The “hotline” he mentioned was ineffective. It was running for a short time in 1991, but under-staffed. The USPS Zero-Tolerance policy against bullying, threats, violence, etc is worth less than the paper it was written on. I know of 3 assault incidents that were swept under the rug. The USPS management doesn’t take it serious. I was hit in the stomach and ribs by an out of control city carrier. When the incident was reported to my boss, he said “Oh, I should have warned you about him.” What!? Warned me???? Apparently he has done this before. You also get more of what you reward. He got a few “paid” days off, while I was directed to transfer to another office. I worry now about who he will strike next.