Bremerton WA letter carrier refuses to enter legal marijuana shops to deliver mail

The Kitsap Sun reports that a letter carrier in Bremerton Washington apparently refuses to enter legal marijuana shops in the town to deliver mail:

bc1e3e_e1e876181f254c2485de2da4fa92ad28Operators of two recreational marijuana stores on Callow Avenue — Pacific Cannabis Co. and The Reef — say they’ve had trouble getting mail delivered to their shops in the past month, since a new U.S. Postal Service worker took over the route. They say the carrier frequently refuses to enter their stores and won’t drop off mail unless an employee comes outside to collect it. They noted the same carrier routinely walks inside surrounding businesses to deliver and pick up mail.

Pacific Cannabis owner Kathy Hartwell provided security footage to the Kitsap Sun that shows the carrier handing a package to a bewildered customer on the sidewalk in front of the store instead of carrying it inside.

A USPS spokesperson told the paper that the agency’s policy was to treat legal marijuana in the same way as any other business, and that the carrier had been instructed to do so. Despite that assurance, the shop owners say they still aren’t getting their mail delivered.

Source: Some pot shops not getting mail delivered to stores

  • Michael B. Davidson

    Well then put up a mailbox.

  • Paul

    Michael, the article states he walks into other businesses, so the legal marijuana businesses are entitled to the same level of service, they should not have to put up a mailbox outside just to satisfy this carriers displaced sense of right and wrong. Besides a business or residence cannot change a point of delivery method without approval from the USPS

  • common sense

    It’s bad enough when postmasters think yhey have the right to dictate to customers. Now you want letter carriers to decide who they will and won’t deliver to? Great! So it will change every time someone else delivers the route?


  • S. Gander

    The letter carrier should provide the same level of service to all legal businesses. If he does not and has been properly counseled that it is his job to do so, he should be fired.

  • Cliff Clavin

    We deliver illegal drugs sent through the mail all the time, and make deliveries to crack and meth houses, no questions asked.

    Why should a weed business be any different?

  • JG4

    progressive corrective action is the proper method…

  • givin’ up

    My carrier refuses to deliver packages to my home. I’ll wait all day for a parcel that is scheduled for delivery and will see the carrier drive up, quickly slip a notice that I wasn’t there to receive it into the box, and speed away. Multiple complaints to the Inspector General and the Regulatory Commission accomplished nothing. Finally was told by the local post office that ‘if you complain about us, it’ll just get redirected to us and we can ignore it.’ What a dysfunctional, dishonest, totally messed up organization.

  • Postal

    Video tape and call the local news station.

  • Erik Nervik

    except for one small problem, Marijuana is not a legal business

    (21 USC 841)

  • Inhale

    Except for one big problem- it’s not up to the carrier to decide whether a business is legal or not. He expressed his concern to his supervisor and was told to deliver to it the same as any other business. If he refuses to do so, he should be fired.

  • Allen Funt

    Sorry- not a believable story. Of course the local PO will be notified if you complain- who else would you notify? If you complain and your complaint is ignored, complain to the district or area office. If that doesn’t work, go to the news media- especially if you’ve got a video of the incident- they love that stuff. (Complaining to the PRC or OIG about something like this is like going to the FDA because the guy at McDonalds didn’t put the special sauce on your Big Mac.)

  • Daytripper

    If that same Inspector General makes that same B.S. statement tell him this; This is why congress won’t approve a bigger budget for you, because you and your carriers have decided to be lazy @$$e$, and that is also why I will be getting my mail through alternative sources.

  • Yo Mama

    Always helps to have some idea what you’re talking about before you post a really stupid comment. Congress won’t “approve a bigger budget” for the Postal Service because Congress doesn’t approve the USPS budget. The USPS has its own money, from postage sales.

    Now run along, OK? It’s a beautiful day out there, so shut the computer off and go play with the other children!