Car crashes into Pennsylvania post office

GIBSONIA, Pa. —A car crashed Wednesday morning through the doors of a Richland Township post office, ending up entirely inside the building.

The crash happened at the post office in the 4000 block Gibsonia Road in Gibsonia.

“I was walking inside and they said lucky nobody was in the area when it happened,” said customer Judy DeJohn. The vehicle went 30 feet inside the post office, into the mail shorting room where postal workers were nearby. Accoridng to police, no one was hurt. The driver told police she accidently accelerated, instead of hitting the brake.

Source: Car crashes into Gibsonia post office | WPXI

  • Ronald Cartwright

    Yikes! Lucky that no one was hurt. The car doesn’t look too banged up, but the picture also doesn’t show the front of it, so who knows? She may be making a visit to the car dealer soon.