Canada Post workers go to Liberal Convention with “good ideas for better services”

WINNIPEG – Postal workers are organizing at the Liberal Convention in Winnipeg this week, hoping to persuade delegates that new services at Canada Post should be high up on the Liberal policy agenda.

“We’re here to talk about some good ideas we’ve developed for better services like postal banking, check-ins for seniors and persons with disabilities, more services for Northern and Indigenous communities, a greener post office and, of course, door-to-door delivery,” said Gord Fischer, National Director of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers Prairie region.

logo-fr-1While the Liberals campaigned on a promise to stop the previous government’s cuts to Canada Post, they steered clear of promising to restore home delivery to everyone who lost it under Harper. Instead, they have launched a public review that they say will be as consultative as possible. The CUPW wants to make sure Canadians weigh in on that review knowing they have options for innovation.

“Improving and expanding the services we can offer and making the most of our profitable delivery network will benefit all Canadians because the post office is everywhere in our country,” said Basia Sokal of the CUPW Winnipeg Local.

The posties are encouraged by a resolution put forward by the Alberta Liberal Party that calls for Canada Post to help with “basic economic infrastructure” in rural communities, including offering identification cards, high-speed internet and banking services.

“Our campaign to bring back postal banking is clearly picking up momentum,” said Fischer. “As Canada Post admitted in a study on postal banking that they censored, it’s a ‘win-win.””

Source: CUPW – 2016-05-26 – Postal workers go to Liberal Convention with “good ideas for better services”