USPS nets $188 million operating surplus in April (excluding PAEA)

The US Postal Service reported a $188 million operating surplus in April, bringing the year to date profit (before the non-cash bookkeeping entries required by the 2006 PAEA law) to $2.1 billion.

April USPS Financials

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Operating revenue increased 2.3% compared with the same period last year (SPLY), while controllable expenses increased by just 0.7%.

Total mail volume was down by 0.7% for the month, led by first class mail, which was down 3.2%. The drop in mail volume and revenue was offset by increases in shipping and package services, so that total volume was just about the same as a year ago, while total revenue was up 2.2%.

Read the full report (.pdf file)

  • allen

    How much mail was processed?
    Why is it that 2006 is used as a reference point when the post office wishes to claim it is losing money?
    Read, “Going Postal, The Story Behind The Forever Stamp” on Facebook for the answer to these questions…

  • Postal Pete

    USPS Managment = Liars and Crooks.

  • Mr.Zip

    Didn’t they report operating losses ,discounting the pre-fund they stopped paying 4 years ago while making their case to the arbitrator of the APWU contract for no raises and more low paid casuals?

  • postalnews

    There’s nothing mysterious about it- the USPS has to report a loss, under the law, because it has to record the PAEA charges even if it doesn’t have the cash to actually pay them. And even though Congress could wipe out those charges tomorrow if they wanted to, as things stand right now, those billions in unpaid trust fund payments are a very real outstanding debt- so of course management will use that as an argument to cut other expenses- meaning salaries and benefits.