Video: Mailbox thief says he made fake USPS master key from template found on the internet

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – It’s a crime that seems to be happening more and more. Thieves are breaking into mailboxes and swiping people’s mail.It turns out the crime itself may be getting easier and easier.

Police say 36-year-old Jeremy Lara was caught stealing mail- according to a criminal complaint, police caught on to Lara after someone saw him and two others stealing mail in Albuquerque.

Rio Rancho police later arrested him right in front of one of the mailboxes, saying both the main doors were open and the stolen mail in his hands.

Police then searched the car he was in where they found more mail, and a counterfeit U.S. Postal Service key.

Investigators say Lara admitted to stealing mail from a handful of community mailboxes, saying he was able to make the key using a template he found on the internet.

That has some people concerned.

Source: jeremy-laraMan accused of using counterfeit key to break into mailboxes | KRQE News 13

  • Ladyphoxx

    Maybe they should do away with cluster boxes! People think twice before they walk up to your front door!

  • BobW

    No way – that would mean giving back to the customer door to door service. The USPS is doing its best to screw the customer as much as possible. Closing down offices, having CCA’s toss the mail in the trash, cutting back on craft employees, etc.

  • Outsider looking In

    I agree with BobW, the mangers are directing CCA’s to throw mail in the trash, conduct OWCP fraud, steal gift cards from personal mail, file fraudulent FMLA cases, etc….this is a management directive straight from the top you can see it in one out of every 3-4 articles listed….you go Bob…..