Texas Contract PO Closes Abruptly, Leaving Hundreds Without Their Mail

Update: The USPS now says that customers will be able to pick up their mail at another location beginning Monday morning at 8 AM

DEEP ELLUM (CBSDFW.COM) – Hundreds of people in Deep Ellum are without their mail after a postal center abruptly closed its doors this week.

Deep Ellum Postal and Grocery was locked up on Wednesday after the property owner claimed he had not received rent since October.

Customer after customer on Friday arrived at the location on 3100 Main Street to discover the doors were locked while their mail sat inside.

“Just closed abruptly and we had no idea,” said Paula Harris, a customer. “We started scrambling. What’s the protocol when something like this happens?”

The property manager said he will allow customers to come to the mail center on Monday and Tuesday to pick up their parcels from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.

“Everyone has to come in during that same hour on Monday or Tuesday? I think it could be pandemonium,” said Harris.

Source: A Deep Ellum Postal Center Closes Abruptly, Leaving Hundreds Without Their Maildeepellum


  • Alan]]H

    dumbasses, stick with the United State Postal Service. Also guess what, you cannot forward your mail from private mail boxes. Look it up.

  • Marcus1956

    Stick with USPS not these Shady Western Union/Mail store fronts.

  • BobW

    Guess the store wasn’t profitable, so he closed up shop.
    To all the folks who want the USPS to run ‘more like a business’, this is what happens when you do that.