Video: Georgia couple asks if post office forged signatures

A Cobb County couple are trying to find out if someone at the post office is forging signatures.

The Barkers were on vacation and returned home to check their mailbox. They say they found time-sensitive certified mail inside.

“Certified mail usually requires a signature and a return receipt,” Barker said.

Joseph Barker said the signature on the sheet did not match his signature, so he went to the local post office to get answers.

“When she said, ‘The postal worker must have signed for it,’ I was shocked. I’ve never heard of anything like that before,” Joseph Barker said.

The following statement was given to Channel 2 Action News: “The Postal Service takes pride in delivering the mail swiftly, safely and accurately. This complaint of improper handling of U.S. Mail is being taken seriously and we are looking into the issue.”

Source: Cobb County couple: Is the post office forging signatures? | WSB-TV