Video: New Mexico woman arrested for using counterfeit mailbox key

At least one person is facing federal charges for having a counterfeit postal key in Bernalillo County.

In January, the United States Postal Service confirmed to KOB that someone was using a counterfeit master mailbox key at cluster mailboxes all across the metro area.

This week, KOB producer Kayla Parham got an envelope in the mail that was filled with months of her mail that had already been opened.

“Once I opened it, I had a couple of bank statements in there and a thank you card,” Parham said. “They were all opened with tire marks on them and other random marks. I have no idea where they were from.”A letter enclosed with Parham’s opened mail simply states:

“The mail is being returned to you in the condition it was found. It is possible that additional mail was stolen and not recovered.”

Source: Woman arrested for using counterfeit mailbox key | KOB.comWoman_arrested_for_using_counterfeit_mailbox_key-syndImport-071617