Mail delivery suspended after pit bulls attack letter carrier

Mail delivery for residents in the 1500 block of Cumberland Avenue, which had been suspended after dogs reportedly attacked a mailman last week, will resume on Saturday.

Their mail was suspended after a U.S. Postal Service letter carrier was attacked by two pit bull dogs on April 21 and was taken to the emergency room for treatment, according to USPS Spokeswoman Arlene Sanchez. She added suspension of mail delivery is a serious action USPS takes in very limited circumstances.

Julie Vasquez who lives on Cumberland Avenue said she has not received her mail since Monday. “I don’t feel like the whole block should have to not receive mail, and be penalized because of one person’s dog. It just doesn’t feel right,” said Vasquez.

After News Channel 25 contacted USPS about this situation, Sanchez issued a response saying the mail delivery service would resume on Saturday, April 30.

She said one of the dogs involved was quarantined by Animal Control but the second dog had not been captured. Animal Control has been supporting in an effort to capture the dog, but it has been unsuccessful. Since there was no sign of the second pit bull, the mail delivery will resume Saturday, according to Sanchez.

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Source: Mail delivery suspended after dogs bite mailman


  • Joseph Vega

    When you get bit you will wary of the place and then let the supervisor go out to see if the area is free of dogs and the dogs wont attack regular people its the uniform that draws them they know its a carrier been there attacked 15 times and when you go to the Doctor they say the wound has to heal from the inside out so they give you an ace bandage and say have a nice day . I have been bitten more than 10 times when the people say their dog wont bite.