UK: Labour Party leader says Royal Mail should be brought back into public ownership

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has argued for the Royal Mail to be brought back into public ownership and warned that the Post Office is under increasing threat.

He won loud applause from delegates at the annual conference of the Communication Workers Union with a passionate defence of keeping post offices open and defending the universal postal service.

“The best thing would be for Royal Mail and the Post Office to be brought back together in public ownership, not the system of ownership we have at present.”

Mr Corbyn said the Post Office seemed to be under increasing threat, as more branches were franchised, hitting rural communities and access to services for older people as well as terms and conditions of workers.

Postal workers were the “lifeblood” of communities, regarded as a friend, he said, adding: Ïf we lose it and it breaks up and have fewer High Street post offices, we have lost something that pioneers fought for.

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