Poll: How has PMG Megan Brennan done compared to her predecessor, Pat Donahoe?

Megan Brennan has been Postmaster General for over a year now- and as Bill McAllister reminded us yesterday, it was a rough year.

So how do you think Brennan has done compared with her predecessor and mentor, Pat Donahoe? A year ago we asked you what you expected from the new PMG, and over 60% of you predicted more of the same.

What do you think now?

  • GordonG

    What has she done differently? Absolutely nothing!
    She had an opportunity with the APWU to show good faith and negotiate a fair contract.
    She’s refused.
    Management’s thought processes and actions are the same throughout the Postal Service.
    The only thing that changes are the faces of those who occupy the position.

  • Mr.Zip

    Well,while demanding the workers give back COLA’s,raises and the no layoff protections in the next contracts,while pleaing that the Postal Service is losing money she continues to shower her executives at headquarters with fat bonus’s and raises as well as EAS employees down the chain and refusing to ‘rightsize” their numbers.One positive is she has suspended the further destruction of the mail processing network,which Donahopeless,her mentor would have gone through with full steam,however it has not been cancelled as it should have been.

  • John Griffing

    FSS = Epic Fail
    Load Leveling = Epic Fail
    MSPs = Epic Fail [we still have them even though now we have GPS scanners]
    Deliver Red Plums on Tuesdays = NOT [that would make too much sense]
    5 Supervisors on duty on a Saturday morning = Colossal waste of $$