Former South Dakota APWU treasurer sentenced for embezzling union funds

Under a plea agreement, former South Dakota APWU treasurer Susan M. Haugen has been sentenced to one year of probation for stealing more than $30,000 from the union’s bank account.

From the original indictment:

2012 photo of Sue Haugen

Susan Haugen

In 2010, Susan M. Haugen was elected to serve as the treasurer of the South Dakota Postal Workers Union, a labor organization engaged in an industry affecting commerce. Beginning on May 24, 2010, and continuing through March 28, 2014, Haugen withdrew cash from the Union’s bank account over one hundred times using a debit card issued by the Union’s bank. Haugen used the money to pay for personal items that were not related to Union business. All of the cash withdrawals were made while Haugen was the Union’s treasurer, without Union authorization. To cover up the unauthorized activity, Haugen made false treasurer reports at the annual state union conventions.

Court records indicate that Haugen repaid the stolen funds prior to sentencing.