Video: Suspect accused of ‘fishing’ more than $20,000 worth of checks from collection boxes

Caught on camera: A crook fishing at a mailbox in Pierce County, Washington.

Check out the video below where U.S. Postal Inspectors say Daniel Anderson rolls up to a blue collection box and immediately casts out some type of fishing line or other type of wire string with a device attached to it that’s sticky with something and then one by one for the next several minutes, he pulls out mail.

“Daniel has racked up a substantial amount of loss, approximately $23,000 in cashed checks, from stealing mail from blue collection boxes using a technique we refer to as ‘fishing’ where he throws a device inside the box and pulls the mail out and that’s a problem, you know you’re mail should be safe in a blue collection box,” says U.S. Postal Inspector Jeremy Leder.

Source: Daniel Anderson: Wanted suspect accused of ‘fishing’ more than $20,000 worth of checks from U.S. mailboxes | Q13 FOX News