Video: Apartment manager says she caught mail man throwing letters in the trash

OKLAHOMA CITY (KOKH) — Police and a postal inspector visited the Summerscape Apartments on SE 44th and Bryant Wednesday night.

They investigated after a woman reported seeing a mail man throw away an entire bucket of letters.

“We were sitting in my office and we witnessed the postman pull up on property, go right over here to where the trash cans are. He turned around, parked his vehicle, got out, grabbed the bucket and started throwing people’s mail in the trash can,”

Patricia Johnson said.Johnson is the property manager.She said after seeing what happened, she went to the dumpster and found several letters, bank statements and even certified mail. They were addressed to houses on SE 56th, 12 blocks away. None of the mail was for Summerscape, but several residents there said they have not received mail for days.

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