Top stories of the week March 27- April 2

  1. The number one topic this week was, of course, the story about the Brooklyn letter carrier who was arrested when he yelled at the cops who nearly ran him over with their unmarked cruiser:
  2. APWU Contract Update 
    APWU News
  3. EEOC finds USPS discriminated against disabled vet letter carrier
  4. APWU: Plant Consolidations in ‘Deferred Status’
    APWU News
  5. Postage Rates Decreasing? April Fools!
    Dead Tree Edition
  6. Video: Is the US Postal Service the Next Target for Corporate Plundering?
    Real News Network
  7. Video: New report finds your mail is not being delivered on time
    KFVS TV Cape Girardeau MO
  8. USPS OIG raids home of Indiana compounding pharmacist, dentist
  9. District Court Orders Clarification On Maintenance Craft Staffing at BMCs
    APWU News
  10. Indictment: Kansas Clerk Stole $13,000 from Post Office