APWU Contract Update

Hearings in the arbitration for a new contract continued in March, with testimony on the union’s economic package.

Union economist Kathryn Kobe reviewed a series of graphs and charts illustrating the current state of the workforce and supporting APWU proposals for wage increases, retaining cost-of-living allowances (COLAs), and other monetary matters. Other witnesses offered supporting testimony.

apwulogoNine Postal Support Employees (PSEs) from the Clerk, Maintenance and Motor Vehicle Service Crafts offered emotional testimony, telling compelling stories about the devastating effect low wages have on every aspect of their lives. Seventeen career employees testified in six separate panels about their working conditions on Feb. 18 and 19.

The APWU and USPS have agreed that the new contract should have a three-year term, from May 21, 2015, when the last contract expired, through May 20, 2018. Hearings will resume on April 5.

Source: Consolidations in ‘Deferred Status’ | APWU