Video: Did California letter carrier club, stab wild turkey to death?

FAIR OAKS, CALIF. Residents on a quiet Fair Oaks cul-de-sac say they are shocked and worried for their safety after a burly mail carrier clubbed and stabbed a wild turkey to death in an unprovoked attack and threatened a resident who told him to stop.

“Hey, remember, I know where you live, and I might have to have my cousins come pay you a visit” the mail carrier told resident Michael Ewell on March 12, according to a written statement by Ewell, who said he provided the statement to the U.S. Postal Service and the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department. He said he has yet to get a satisfactory response from the Postal Service, such as an apology.

“At this point the post office hasn’t really taken any kind of accountability,” Ewell said. “They said it was my word against his.”

Representatives of both agencies said investigations are underway.The mailman was not the usual carrier for the neighborhood, Ewell and others said.

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