Donald Trump bumper sticker lands postal worker in hot water

It’s election season (when is it not?) which means it’s time for the Hatch Act! From the Lancaster, Pennsylvania LNP:

Tomas Strouhal just wanted to openly support Donald Trump.

The 23-year-old Quarryville resident put a Trump bumper sticker on his 2003 Chrysler Sebring and hung up a newspaper clipping inside his locker at the Leola post office, where he works.

But Strouhal’s employer took issue with them. Citing the Hatch Act, which governs political activity by federal employees, his supervisor said the “Trump: Make America Great Again” bumper sticker must go if his car is parked in the post office parking lot.

The USPS later relented, after learning that Hatch Act regulations do allow the display of one election related bumper sticker on a personal vehicle parked in an employee parking lot.

Strouhal says he thinks it was his support of Trump that got him in trouble, and claims that “it’s caused his co-workers to treat him differently and have a general ‘attitude’ toward him”.

Strouhal says he’s hoping to vote for Trump in November, but there’s one slight problem.

Strouhal is not a US citizen.

The LNP story says he emigrated from the Czech Republic in 1997, and hopes to become a naturalized citizen by election day so he can vote for the notoriously anti-immigrant Trump.

The story doesn’t indicate whether or not Strouhal is aware of Trump’s opinion on foreigners coming to the US and taking “American” jobs, but his knowledge of his favorite candidate seems sketchy at best:

“(Trump) is not a politician,” Strouhal said. “He’s a normal, working-class American, and my views are just like his.”


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