Video: Dallas mailman’s shoddy drop off bugs customer

DALLAS –  Sharonna Hawkins of Dallas said she just happened to be home one afternoon last month. She glanced over at her security system monitor and saw her letter carrier about to deliver a package.

She figured she’d meet him at the door. She waited for him to ring the bell, but he didn’t. Instead, she heard a thump.

“So when I opened up the door to look at him, he goes ‘What’s up?’ and drove off,” she said.

Hawkins said she had to hit the rewind button a few times on the surveillance video to make sure she saw correctly. The letter carrier tossed her package from the middle of her yard to her front door.

Luckily there were no fragile items inside.

Hawkins tried to call her local post office the same day to complain, but she said the number she looked up was disconnected. She then called the main United States Postal Service customer service line.“They gave me the same number so I told them the number was not correct,” she said.

She was given a different customer affairs number and told she would get an email response within 72 hours. She never heard back.

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