Indiana PMR charged with theft from post office

LAPORTE — A Valparaiso woman could face time in prison on allegations she embezzled money from the U.S. Postal Service while on duty.

Kylie Cavender, 21, is charged in LaPorte Circuit Court with theft and official misconduct.

uspsoigShe’s accused of carrying out the scheme while on duty as a part-time flexible clerk at post offices in LaCrosse and San Pierre.

The investigation revealed she sold money orders but under-reported the amount they sold for in the post office ledgers and pocketed the difference.

According to court documents, Cavender, who is no longer employed as a postal worker, said she used the money for gas, food and to help pay rent.

“Due to a lack of common sense and unfortunate times, I had made a huge mistake of borrowing small amounts of money here and there with the intention of paying it back,” she stated in a letter written to postal authorities.

Charges were signed Monday by Judge Tom Alevizos.

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