Video: Residents of Anchorage neighborhood frustrated with months of mail theft

ANCHORAGE – Hillside residents are frustrated. They say their mailboxes are getting hit by thieves two or three times every week.

“We just want our mail,” said theft victim Reva Katz, who’s lost everything from Christmas cards to her husband’s heart medication. ”I don’t have that long left. I have better things to do than worry about the mail.

”It’s a feeling her neighbors, like Jillian Simpson, share.

“It definitely makes me feel very vulnerable,” Simpson said. “I initially think it’s just a one-off thing, just somebody random doing it, but now realizing that it’s a very targeted, planned thing that’s happening and continues to happen.

”Their mail has been disappearing regularly since November. Calls to the Postal Inspector and the police have had no impact.

Source: Hillside residents frustrated with months of mail theft | KTVA Anchorage CBS 11