Parcel shipping from China grows 70% in 2015 as e-commerce soars

From Internet Retailer:

There was 90% growth in packages shipped through ePacket, which is designed for online shipments.

Global online consumers are buying more products from China in 2015 and Chinese consumers are order more frequently from oversea sites. This trend creates a growing opportunity for companies helping e-retailers deliver products to overseas consumers.

China Post Group Corp., China’s postal service provider that claims to ship 60% of the parcels destined for abroad, reports that it shipped 700 million parcels out of China in 2015, representing 70% growth from 2014. Parcels shipped through ePacket, a service China Post established in 2010 specifically to handle online orders, increased 90% in 2015 compared with a year earlier, according to the State Post Bureau of China.

Parcels shipped via ePacket are limited to 2 kilograms in weight, or 4.4 pounds. Chinese companies that use ePacket ship a parcel via China Post, which flies it to the United States where the U.S. Postal Service handles final delivery. The total shipping cost is only about $5, and the agreement has drawn fire from U.S. online merchants who say the USPS shouldn’t be helping Chinese companies undermine their web sales.

Source: Parcel shipping from China grows 70% in 2015 as e-commerce soars