Self-proclaimed “Militia” terrorists in Oregon cause USPS to halt mail delivery

The “militia” terrorists who took over a wildlife refuge in Oregon have forced the US Postal Service to stop delivering mail in the area, according to a story in the Washington Post.

The Post article describes steps taken by various federal agencies to safeguard their employees from the armed thugs who have so far not accomplished much beyond making life difficult for the law-abiding residents of the area.

According to the Post:

The U.S. Postal Service stopped delivering mail to homes and business in the area last week, although the post office in Burns has stayed open.

The sanctuary the gunmen have occupied was founded over a century ago by President Theodore Roosevelt, and attracts tens of thousands of birders and other nature lovers every year.

While the would be terrorists are well armed, they seem to be suffering from a severe shortage of the junk food¬†they’re apparently used to having readily available.

So far, the USPS hasn’t posted any service advisories concerning the situation.

Source: The government closed its offices in Oregon days before the armed takeover due to fears of violence – The Washington Post