American Postal Workers Union Condemns DNC Attack on the Bernie Sanders Campaign

12/18/2015The APWU joins with all fair-minded individuals and organizations in condemning the Democratic National Committee (DNC) attack on the Bernie Sanders campaign for U.S. president.  At a crucial time in the primary process, the Sanders campaign is arbitrarily being denied access to the DNC voter data base from all 50 states. This includes crucial voter information files that belong to the Sanders campaign.

Sanders-EllisonThe actions of the DNC are simply an effort to undermine the Sanders campaign, which has captured the imagination and support of millions of people. The DNC action is an attempt to rig the election.

We encourage all people who believe in democracy, no matter their affiliation or candidate of choice, to voice their outrage, sign petitions and demand that the Bernie Sanders campaign have access to the DNC voter files fully restored.

“We, the People,” deserve nothing less.

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