Video: Family grieves daughter’s loss for the second time after ashes are lost in the mail

SUGAR CITY, Colo. -A southern Colorado family is grieving the loss of their daughter all over again after her ashes were lost in the mail.

Tina and John Attebery were expecting twins last year, but 18 weeks into the pregnancy, they found out they’d lost one of the babies. Her remains were cremated. Some of the ashes were put in necklaces and mailed to close relatives. One necklace was sent along with a letter to Attebery’s sister in Arizona. But they say it didn’t make it.

“She said that the letter was there, but not the necklace. And the letter was taped back shut with the ashes of my daughter missing,” Tina Attebery said. “It was hard enough losing my daughter the first time. Now I feel like somebody has kidnapped her on top of it.”

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  • Guest

    You mailed it in a letter? Should have taken the time to send it more secure.

  • Liam Skye

    First of all, letters with objects in them that will rip out through the envelope are not considered mailable. Secondly, cremated remains can only be sent via Priority Mail Express. These rules are in place to prevent items, and particularly irreplaceable items like cremated remains, from being lost in the mail. When somebody deliberately ignores the rules, whether it was to save a few bucks, ignorance of the rules, or just plain lack of common sense, it is their own fault it didn’t end well. I hope they are saved from their own folly by locating the necklace and returning it to them.