Video: Residents of Ohio Housing Development Fuming Over USPS Plans to Remove Mailboxes

CLEARCREEK TOWNSHIP — Residents in the Villages of Winding Creek new home development are  upset about a plan to remove their mailboxes and replace them with community “cluster” mailboxes.  Residents received a letter Thursday, November 19, 2015, from the developer, CESO, informing them of the change.  Kwana Jones Becker said she found out some changes were coming when she noticed recently she hadn’t had mail delivery for several days.

“I called the post office asking where’s my mail because I’ve got shipping notifications from and saying they shipped me items but I don’t have them,” said Becker, who moved in to her new home six months ago.  She said when she went to the post office the items and other mail were being held.  A postal worker told her the homes in her neighborhood were being changed to cluster mailboxes.

Source: Residents of Housing Development Fuming Over Postal Plans to Remove Mailboxes – WKEF-TV ABC 22 News :: News – Top Stories

  • FE523

    The residents in these neighborhoods should investigate if this is legal. I was told by the Postal Service a few years ago that once delivery is established it can not be changed. They tried this and it was stopped where a friend lives

  • TheOracle

    They just changed the rule. They now have 1 year to modify the delivery method.