Video: USPS responds to multiple complaints at North Houston office

HOUSTON (KTRK) — If you were waiting for an important piece of mail to arrive, but it never came, would you know what to do? Who would you call? What’s the process to file a report with the Post Office? A local Katy woman says she did everything in her power to get her missing envelope delivered. But after waiting over 2 months for it to arrive, she reached out to us for assistance.

Kathy Thornberry said, “My mother recently passed away and we are settling her affairs.”When she needed to take care of her mother’s estate, the bank issued cashier’s checks in her name, and sent them certified mail. A few days went by, but no checks. She said she was told that certified was taking two weeks from the North Houston hub, out into the Houston suburbs.But two weeks came and went…

Source: Post Office responds to our report into multiple complaints at North Houston location |

  • Mr zip

    Blame congress. The 2006 mandate is slowing everything down. Everywhere, Wait until Christmas. Workers at our plant, not management, the ones doing the work are already telling clerks and carriers the mail is backed up and management doesn’t know what to do with all the mail coming in. The one plant that has absorbed the other three processing plants is overwhelmed. I expect huge delays like Huston. All because congress is forcing the postal service to shut down needed processing plants for its operation to fulfill governments regulations on the 2006 postal accountability act.