Video: USPS temporarily stops delivering mail to Tulsa neighborhood because of ‘aggressive dog’

The U.S. Postal Service has temporarily stopped delivering mail to a neighborhood in north Tulsa.

Representatives with USPS said it’s unsafe right now for their mail carriers to go to the homes in the 200 and 300 blocks of North Tacoma Avenue. They said an aggressive dog is running loose in that area.

“The more I hear about it, I hear it’s a very aggressive dog,” neighbor Sue Garner said. “I wouldn’t want anyone to be attacked or mauled trying to deliver mail.”

A few days passed before Garner or anyone in the neighborhood became concerned that their mailboxes remained empty. A neighbor said the USPS told him that a dog running loose in the neighborhood put the mail carriers at risk, so delivery would end at least for the time being.

Source: U.S. Postal Service temporarily stops delivering mail to neighborhood because of ‘aggressive dog’ –