Transgender employees at center of controversy over restroom at Pittsburgh post office

PITTSBURGH —Members of the clerks union at the post office on the city’s North Side have voiced their concerns to management about transgender women using the ladies’ restroom.

It is a matter that drew the attention of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, under the Department of Labor.

None of the postal employees involved in the dispute would talk publicly but the dispute is confirmed by their respective unions, the National Postal Mail Handlers Union, representing the transgender women and the Postal Workers Union, representing female employees.

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  • E.A. Ess

    Sorry, they’re NOT women!

  • Kathy Bradley

    We had this type of thing in our office over 12 years ago. The transgendered person agreed to use the unisex bathroom near the shipping dock. Settled.

  • disqus_F5QrCkrjPZ

    Our office is older, only has 1 toilet for the females and 2 toilets + 1 urinal for males. There are many more ladies than gents at our office. We have been known to knock on the gents’ br door & if there’s no response, go in–lock the door & use the restroom, Necessity for us. We don’t have any transg. issues….

  • disqus_F5QrCkrjPZ

    Since there is only 1 stall in females’ bathroom, when you go in, you flip the deadbolt–then NO ONE is getting in. =)