Caught on cam: mailman ‘air-mails’ package

KENMORE, Wash. — A homeowner in Kenmore filed a complaint with U.S. Postal Service after their postal carrier was caught on surveillance video tossing a package from his postal truck onto the homeowner’s front porch.

The homeowner said it happened Sunday afternoon and the box contained vacuum supplies being delivered from

She added the box was dented but there was no damage to the items inside.

She said in filing the complaint, it wasn’t their intention that the carrier be punished. “I thought it was a little humorous but it was a little like, ‘let’s respect each other,’ ” she said.

After hearing about the story, a USPS spokesperson told KOMO News carriers are instructed to never throw a package.

Source: Caught on cam: Kenmore mailman ‘air-mails’ package from Jeep | Local & Regional | Seattle News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News | KOMO News

  • JG4

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