Top stories of the week November 1-7

The ten most read articles last week:

  1. NALC supports plan to move postal workers to separate health insurance pool Comment
  2. California postal worker dies from on the job injuries suffered in 2004 Comment
  3. Letter carrier one day away from retirement is hospitalized after collision
    Dunkirk Observer Comment
  4. OIG finds problems with handheld scanner deployment
    USPS OIG Comment
  5. Video: USPS Worker Throws Greensboro Man’s Package To Front Door
    WFMY TV Greensboro NC Comment
  6. APWU Files Unfair Labor Practice Charge in Response to ‘Stay Survey’
    APWU News Comment
  7. FEHB Premiums for 2016 Announced 5 Comments
  8. Video: Racy flyers showing nude women OK in U.S. mail?
    Fox13 Tampa Bay Comment
  9. APWU: USPS, Staples Produce a Mound of Documents
    APWU News Comment
  10. APWU: NLRB Calls Interference on Staples
    APWU News 1 Comment