Video: USPS Worker Throws Greensboro Man’s Package To Front Door

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Delivery to your door is nothing new, but the one that happened in Greensboro Thursday afternoon was like nothing you’ve seen before.

Hassan Hamze watched a USPS worker pull into his driveway, throw a package to his front door and then drive away. It happened around noon.

“That’s not professional at all, I mean, I was not expecting someone from the postal service to do that. But, it was a big shocker to me,” Hamze said.

Source: USPS Worker Throws Greensboro Man’s Package To Front Door

  • El Mas Chingon

    What investigation? Those poor CCA’s/RCA’s are over burdened and management expects them to engage in unsafe stupid acts. Doing your job properly takes too long. i would say only 20% of carriers are actually doing their jobs in a proper manner.

  • JY

    She also puled into a driveway, left the vehicle running and unsecured.

  • FE523

    What you won’t hear on the news is how these workers are constantly being harassed about the time they spend doing the job. It’s never good enough. They are under constant threat of losing their jobs. You see more and more of this. UPS and FEDEX are the same way.

  • Poor Richard

    You call that a throw??? The PSE clerk in my office can chuck a package a lot further than that. She wouldn’t have to pull into the driveway. She could heave it to the porch from the curb with no problem.

    If it saves time for the USPS, this is perfectly acceptable behavior. No postmaster or supervisor is going to say a word to an employee about throwing a package unless it gets on a video.

    If you handle packages like they have eggs inside and the supervisor sees you, you’re going to get a job discussion or a letter-of-warning for a time wasting practice.

  • Michael

    This occurs frequently at package sorting facilities, both USPS and 3rd party shippers (FedEx Smartpost, UPS, DHL, etc…) Always pack your shipment with an impact reducing material. Insurance does not pay for poorly packaged items.

  • Edith Stacy

    I am a postmaster and I DO NOT condone this kind of behavior whether there is a camera present or not. I expect all packages to be handled with the same care that I want my own parcels handled with.

  • Regular Boynklin

    I agree.
    Unfortunately, USPS has seen fit to hire CCA’s to do the job of full time Letter Carriers at a fraction of their pay and with much less benefits. They’re not exactly highly motivated to do a professional job. Their main objective is to get the work done a quickly as possible – if that means tossing a parcel to save a few seconds, so be it. These ‘Throwing my Parcel” stories are becoming all too common.
    In your small office of Scott Depot, WV, with only about 16 employees, you may not have had much experience dealing with CCA’s on a large scale.

  • Robert Welch

    Was a crime committed here? Why is this on the news? Yes, the
    new employee did everything wrong, but is this really newsworthy? Yes, the man
    should complain, and the post office should do something about it, but to put
    this on the news is ridiculous!
    Oh, My God, “McDonalds” got my order wrong, “Call the local news


  • Poor Richard

    Pity the poor news media. We haven’t had an employee “Go Postal” and shoot up an office for many years now. It’s sad the news media has to troll for other stories about the USPS to up their ratings.

    And Don Henley keeps singing,

    “We got the bubble headed
    Bleached blonde
    Comes on at five
    She can tell you ’bout the plane crash
    With a gleam in her eye
    It’s interesting when people die
    Give us dirty laundry.”