Video: After 25 years of service, Georgia postmaster says mailboxes are now too short

HEPHZIBAH, GA (WRDW)– An entire neighborhood could soon lose mail service if they don’t change their mailboxes. The local post master claims nearly a hundred mailboxes in the Saddlebrook neighborhood are too short for mail delivery. The U.S. Post Office has been delivering mail to those homes for twenty-five years.

Alfred Hunt isn’t usually loss for words. “Okay. Okay. What else can I say?” he said. Hunt didn’t know what to think when he pulled a letter from the U.S.P.S. out of what he believes is his perfectly good mailbox.

“I’ve been informed by the Hephzibah Post Office that I have to raise it six to nine inches.” Hunt said. Raise his mailbox or else. “Or my mail will be discontinued,” he said.

Source: OYS: After 25 years of service, postmaster says mailboxes are now too short

  • Michael

    The graphic you use from the post office is pretty clear that it’s measured from the curb not the road. Just because he doesn’t like it doesn’t mean he’s right.