Video: USPS gives bizarre reason for denying insurance claim

Heber City, Utah — (KUTV) Nicole Robinson runs a photography studio in Heber. She sold a portable power supply online to a buyer in New York and shipped it using the United States Postal Service.

“I went and actually bought a very sturdy box, extra packaging, since this is a heavy item, I took great care in packaging it,” Robinson said.

To make sure she was double-covered, Robinson also bought insurance. She paid $22 for a $1,600 policy against loss or damage. It’s a good thing she did because when the item arrived it was damaged.

Robinson contacted the USPS which instructed her to ask the buyer to return the package to the post office for inspection. He did, leaving it with the clerk and getting a stamped letter as proof.

So Robinson was surprised that her claim was denied – and even more surprised by the reasoning.

“They said it was denied because the package was not dropped off at the postal service,” Robinson said.

Source: USPS’ bizarre reason for denying insurance claim

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