Video: Colorado letter carriers say they need more help

AURORA, Colo. – The United States Postal Service says it is hiring additional carriers to handle a big increase in business, but some carriers and rural carrier associates say it’s not happening fast enough.

Melissa Deal said she quit her job as a rural carrier associate earlier this month, after being told that she wouldn’t get a day off until the end of December.

“I was told that I’d have to work 7 days a week without a day off through the busy season,” she said, “and I have kids.”

Source: Letter carriers say they’re over-worked; USPS says they’re hiring staff – 7NEWS Denver

  • Val Nostdahl

    In March May 2006 , my USMC/USPS Letter Carrier NALC Union Steward, of Bottineau Branch 5675, got orders from the Postal Organization Operations Management for 2 retirements in the office, and had one injured in the office that had fallen March 3, ad was permanently out, so he became only letter carrier for the whole town, on 6 days a week without a day off for over 11 months, until he finally got staff in, he had a duel casual to help but that violated the lmu, of an nationally arbitrated rotating day off for health and safety reasons on the job, he then did one last supreme court grievance on removal of the injured from the roles of employment since the carrier had not worked for year and he had, it was denied illegally and the new casual 2 weeks on, was falsely removed in retaliation for him filing a grievance as a NALC steward, he worked short handed for food drive a year after orders of non replacement and died of a massive in May 2007. 3 letter carriers in a postal facility 80 miles away a year later received the same orders for non replacement of attrition, all of them committed suicide.

  • Lewis Steuhl

    We all make choices.

  • Not true

    I’m calling bullshit. If he was the steward he would know anything over 12 and 60, you can go home with no worry about job loss.

  • tony

    Total bullshit, no one in the post gets 65 hours a week added to them.

  • Val Nostdahl

    both of your comments are inappropriate for a death of a letter carrier marine, he got orders from sd postal management , in a 4 man office, Bottineau branch 5675, in march may of 2006 for 2 retirements, had 16 years in , 4 years to retirement , grew up in this town, knew everyone, felt responsibility for all in town, one route retirement of 40 hours a week, another was ptf flex, of aux, 25 hours a week, the injured route was 40 hours , that is actually a total of 105 more hours a week added on , refused by labor poom to replace retirees, told to improve production since district wide did not look good for hires, labor poom name Gloria hauge, who after opening up the false report after his death, via congress Byron Dorgan, with clem felche head of sd labor, who backed down talking to the congress man due to legal matters, was proven false when his phone calls to he union were given since the report said in 17 years of being steward he had never called the union, nalc regional rep rich Anderson region 7 wrote the false report making no mention of the 2 retirements, your the ones full of bullshit over his death.

  • Val Nostdahl

    he was the last man standing there were no more letter carriers In the office, one 20 year retire march 3, 2006, the other may 7, 2006 , the injured got injured march 3, 2006 also, its a 4 man office, you do the math.

  • Val Nostdahl

    From: Gloria Hauge , Sioux Falls, SD, Sent Monday , March 27, 2006, 2: 26 pm, To : Peggy Thorenson, Bottineau, ND, ” I am saying the performance is too negative district wide for hiring right now, especially when the long term trends are also negative. Reply from Peggy Thorenson, Monday March 27, 2006, R. M. are other ptf is also retiring May 12, 2006, are you saying we wont be able to hire, and will have to work with one regular letter carrier ( 2 with the one injured and out) until sometime – how can you not have enough people to do the routes in an office this size? please give me a call , because I not so sure I understand the process.” no staff was hired until October 2007, a last grievance was done by my NALC steward letter carrier in march april of 2007, supreme court memorandum on removal of injured who had not worked for the year while he had, denied illegally, new casual removed illegally, he worked food drive may 2007 and died of a massive. May 14, 2007 almost a year from orders of non staffing.

  • JG4


  • Val Nostdahl

    with one retirement that is another 40 hours added on to a 40 hour work week already in violation of the fair labor standard act, can you comprehend that or not?

  • Val Nostdahl

    Original Message: from Hauge, Gloria, R. Sioux Falls, SD, Sent: March 27, 2006, 2:26 pm, To: Thorenson, Peggy J. Bottineau, ND ( USPS branch 5675) Subject : Re: Hire: I am saying that our performance is too negative District wide and in order to sell the Western Area the long term trends are too negative . , Original Message : From : Thorenson, Peggy , J. , Bottineau ND ( USPS branch 5675) , Sent : Monday , March 27, 2006, 2:15pm, To: Hauge, Gloria , R. -Sioux Falls, SD , Subject : RE: Hire Russ Magnuson, my other ptf , is also retiring May 12, 2006, Are you saying we wont be able to hire and will have to work with one regular carrier ( William B. Nostdahl, Senior Letter Carrier Bottineau Branch, 5675, USMC Vietnam War VET) , ( 2 with Carlette K.) who is injured and will not be able to carry until April sometime ( note CK was perm injured and did not work again) How can you not have enough people to carry in an office this size? Please give me a call, I’m not sure I understand this process.’

  • Val Nostdahl

    There has now been a 2nd death at Bottineau Branch 5675, of clerk Sue B. she died unexpectedly after 2 years of employment at the same age as my Postal Spouse age 54, that makes about 937 that have died since the prefunding mandate on the USPS, Sue died Nov. 10,2015.