Amazon assembling executive team to support rollout of shipping network Inc. has begun the process of assembling a high-level executive team to lead the company’s push to develop its own transportation network, according to a person familiar with its strategy and planned execution.

The person, who asked to remain anonymous, said Seattle-based Amazon will announce plans to launch its shipping infrastructure sometime in 2016, though no firm time period has been discussed. Amazon has retained one of the world’s leading recruitment firms to identify senior executives within the small-package industry, the person said.

The individual declined to disclose the name of the firm, saying it does not want its identity revealed at this time.The individual was told that Amazon will do “whatever it takes to serve every community” in the United States. The online retailer and fulfillment provider’s objective is to guarantee delivery within a 90-minute to two-hour window, the individual was told by top executives at the recruiting firm.

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  • Jim Carroll

    Good luck. The fuel costs will drive you into bankruptcy. Even Fed Ex and UPS use the Postal Service to deliver 60% of their packages. It’s the economical way to do business. Fleet vehicle safety and maintenance costs will kill them too. One accident resulting in a mega million dollar lawsuit will be auite painful too. Be smart. Use the resources that are already in place. The Postal Service has a network of fully insured fully maintained vehicles ready for any shipper to use like the cheap whore that they are.

  • Manny Borges

    If someone else can do a job so can you. given amazons total model this makes perfect sense.
    The slowest part of their order fulfillment is delivery.
    They can even streamline returns and exchanges further.
    And I’ll be honest, when I see a package coming my way gets sent USPS….I know its going take a while and I won’t be able to track it.
    Neither is convenient, or in this day and age, reasonable.

  • James Martin

    why won’t you be able to track it? Post office is tacking a tracking number on practically everything these days. Also third party shippers already drop ship to units and let carriers deliver the last costly mile. Good luck cutting cost

  • Jim Carroll

    The Postal service has FREE tracking for ALL packages. A tracking number is issued with each receipt. You must not have noticed but Fed Ex AND UPS drop 60% of their packages off for delivery by the U.S. Postal Service because neither Fed Ex nor UPS have the delivery infrastructure in place to affordably deliver to EVERY small town, village & hamlet !