APWU tells members: don’t trust USPS to store your health records

10/16/2015 – The APWU is discouraging union members from participating in a voluntary program established by the Postal Service that creates an online database of their health records, APWU President Mark Dimondstein has announced.

150623011649-us-china-data-breech-large-169“Last year’s cyber attack on the Postal Service demonstrates the danger in posting sensitive personal information in an online database maintained by management,” Dimondstein said. A 2014 breach of USPS records compromised the names, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, and addresses of workers and some retirees; information regarding OWCP records that were shared with the Department of Labor also exposed medical records, bank account and routing information.

This year, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), the federal agency that manages the records of federal and postal retirees and current and former members of the military, also reported two major data breaches.

Management launched the voluntary online database of employees’ health records, now known as USPS Health Connect Portal, in early October.

“Based on our experience with the 2014 cyber attack, we urge union members to exercise caution,” Dimondstein said. “The APWU is fully committed to defending the privacy rights of our members and we encourage union members to be vigilant on their own behalf as well.”

  • Trust them not

    Who in their right mind would trust postal mgt with anything ? Not only the possibility of cyber attack but certainly they will find a way to use your own records against you if you are out sick. Perhaps this will be the beginning basis to remove postal employees from federal health care benefits to a “postal run” plan as they have already submitted through the so call white papers. Who knows what stunt or stupidity could result!!!!! Please don’t involve yourself with this.

  • Postal Peter

    Brennan has not pushed for ‘Donahoecare” so far but have you heard a peep from the union presidents about it since Donawhore first pushed for it before Congress several years ago?