Video: Illinois town asks for federal help with mail problem

TILTON, Ill.Leaders in Tilton are asking Congress to figure out what’s wrong with their post office.

The mayor says letters keep getting delivered to the wrong place, and the complaints are racking up. He says he’s tried everything else, from trying to work with their local office, to contacting the postmaster at the regional office in Danville.

But a few letters getting mixed up isn’t what’s worrying him the most. Mayor David Phillips speaks to us in an empty board room, but it wasn’t empty last night. People came out to complain about their mail service. One man said his was delivered a bit late.

“He just got a letter yesterday dated August the 14th. And he just got it home yesterday so it’s been sitting somewhere at the wrong house.”

Source: Town asks for federal help with mail problem – Story | Central Illinois – Champaign, Danville, Decatur, Springfield, Effingham | IllinoisHomepage | WCIA-TV and WCIX-TVScreenshot 2015-10-17 at 7.06.08 AM - Edited

  • Jimee77

    Good luck. The carriers without uniforms are new employees or untrained non-letter carriers. The misdeliveries are due to lack of training and poor management. The lack of a “regular” is probably due to the regular being on a detail or extended sick leave, but even then it should be the same replacement everyday if the regular is gone more than 5 days but isn’t because this small office likely has no Union representation to inform management they must allow the same person to do the route 5 days a week . The REAL problem is that pay and benefits for the subs on these routes was SLASHED in the last contract and instead of being a career it has become a revolving door, especially in small offices where the wait for ANY pay increase or benefits package is indefinite.

  • Carol Rohrer

    Yes! Post Office contracted for CCA as new letter carriers that are not career employees until they make regular which can take some time. Faced with unrealistic workloads, these employees are pushed hard and not given enough time to deliver accurately. Working late, often after dark has become a regular duty at many stations across the US. With the heavy pressure of the job, these employees often resign or get fired causing a high turn over leading to less quality delivery personnel.