Video: Headlamp bearing letter carriers deliver late into the night in Colorado

THORNTON, Colo. – The United States Postal Service is giving new meaning to the term “late night delivery.”

For a variety of reasons, several letter carriers were out delivering mail well past 10:00 Tuesday night.

One carrier was spotted near the Thornton Post Office at East 88th Avenue and Washington Street at 11:30 p.m.

Source: Headlamp bearing letter carriers deliver late into the night in Thornton neighborhood – 7NEWS Denver

  • QuestionU

    WTF? NO delivery after 6 p.m.!! PERIOD!—NO Exceptions. It’s a SAFETY FIRST factor, above all else—as USPS MOST vehemently values and repeatedly instructs! If it can’t be delivered (safely) within 8 hours, it’s simply late. Done. Over. There’s always tomorrow. And, until management hires enough employees to safely & timely complete routes within 8 hours, it’s the fault of MANAGEMENT, and THEY should be held responsible for/answer to any such delays in mail delivery. Who doesn’t “get” that?

  • Joe

    I agree its managements fault but what kind of an idiot is out delivering mail after 8:00pm. BRING IT ALL BACK!!!!!!!!! Safety,safety,safety. Don’t you here this from management 5 TIMES A WEEK. Bring it back, fill out the proper paperwork and GO HOME!! Manangement cant do anything. STOP BEING AFRAID!!!! Your union is there for a reason. USE THEM!!

  • IIlIIl111

    Going up on somebody’s porch at 11:30 at night…………..??? Somebody’s going to get shot.

  • Jerricho

    If anyone is to blame is the carriers that stay out there, you determine safety condition, people let there dogs out , because they fill there should be delivered in day light, also walking up on someone porch can get you shot, also if your using headlight that’s not given to you by the usps or you can’t buy it with your allotment, your a fool , if they want you to deliver in the dark then let them buy it, for those of you who live where it snows, are you going to work in the dark when it snow on the ground, just remember if you fall they will say it’s your fault and they will be right, because if your stupid enough to do it , then you deserve foe write up, so don’t blame management for you not having a spine and not bringing the mail back

  • Bill

    The reality these guys are in it too make as much money as they can,thats why they are out until these hours. If they would ever get rid of the overtime, these guys would be crying poverty. Whatever happened to service.

  • jay

    bill you’re stupid. We don’t want to be working that late. its bad enough we’re already walking 12 miles a day on a normal route. I want to go home and hang out with my family instead delivering people made in china crap.