Video: Wisconsin letter carrier accused of stealing thousands of pieces of mail

WAUKESHA — Thousands of pieces of mail go missing in and around Waukesha. Federal investigators are put on the case and that mail has turned up…inside a postal workers’ house and personal car.

FOX6 News is told the theft included both standard mail and first-class letter mail. Authorities are now trying to put a price tag on the amount that was taken.

On the list of professions you trust to just get the job done, mail carriers have got to rank near the top. Which is why news of one Waukesha area employee stealing mail seems to catch some residents by surprise.

Source: “Contents were missing:” USPS carrier accused of stealing thousands of first-class mail |

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    Emergency placement in jail

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    City Carrier Associate or CCA of which the Postal Service has been hiring thousands of because an arbitrator gave them the right to do so in the contract and who make half the hourly rate of career carriers with no benefits with heavy turnover of these employees who have no investment in the job that career employees do. You get what you pay for.