Video: Postal carrier gives folks the finger

CARLSBAD — Ryan Rosemann says he’s always nice to mailmen, “but this guy was a jerk.”

The guy he referred to is the mailman who Rosemann claims became so angry that he raised his middle finger in Rosemann’s direction.

It wasn’t the kind of special delivery Rosemann is accustomed to.

“The ironic part is my dad is a mailman,” said Rosemann, who owns a swimming pool service in north San Diego County.

Source: Postal carrier gives folks the finger

  • FE523

    I was a carrier for 35 years and there were plenty of times other working people had no where else to park their vehicles when they had a job to do. What is the big deal. Just get out of the truck. This jerk should be fired.

  • Jfro

    How is that “ironic”?

  • Kimberly Neal

    Man..I would like to give a few the finger. But I wouldn’t dream of doing such a thing. He should at least get a talk but he won’t unless they want to fire him. Otherwise it’s a laugh for the Supers.

  • dcb0630

    he has 26 years in on the job, i’m sure he’s tired of people routinely blocking friggin boxes. I carried for only 1 and half and I said I better apply on ereassign before I end up in trouble. Total respect goes out to all carriers from me, city or rural but especially city. Definitelyunderpaid for the amount of work you do, weather you deal with, dogs, and idiots that have no regard for the work you do, like these people in California calling themselves victims cause of getting the dang finger. People rarely resort to gestures , violence, or profanity unless provoked. Well yall blocked his path for his job and probably happens a bit and he served you a bird. Good for him!!

  • El Mas Chingon

    Thanks to the NALC, maybe an official discussion, Although i have never conducted myself in such a manner, I have defended many of Caga Palo Letter Carriers in my day.

  • Frank Pessin

    If I was given a 1.00 for EVERY time I told some asshole to go F- – – themselves I could retire 3 years early. Just cab drivers !

  • Frank Pessin

    Hey FE523, go f- – – yourself

  • Poor Richard

    Could be, he’s deaf and uses sign language to communicate?

  • Don Pedersen

    agreed, we have a carrier that spends more time writing nasty notes to customers about blocking the mailbox, and these are boxes are not in marked no-parking zones. yes there are times when people block the boxes and you cant get to them, but to get all pissy. really?

  • Susan Walker

    Yeah. You must have been a city carrier. I am not getting out for blocked boxes ever again. They can wait until tomorrow for their mail. Fired? You’re the jerk.

  • FE523

    You first

  • FE523

    Try reading the M-41 carrier manual if you know what it is. You are a disgrace to the craft. You are probably too fat to climb back into the truck more than once a day or are you stupid enough to think you are making money using your own car.