Video: USPS tells customers in Georgia subdivision: install cluster boxes or your mail will be returned to sender

DALLAS, GA (WXIA) — In April, out of nowhere, Mia Woods and more than 30 other homeowners in the Riverwalk Manor subdivision got a notice from the U.S. Postal Service telling them no more mail delivery to curbside home mailboxes.

Until cluster boxes for bulk mail delivery were installed, homeowners would have to travel up to 30 minutes to the downtown Dallas Post Office to get the mail. In late August, the homeowners received another notice. “They sent us another letter saying that we were not in compliance and that as of October 16, they were no longer going to deliver our mail and it was going to be sent back to the sender,” Mia Woods said.

Source: US Postal Service to Stop Mail Delivery to Subdivision Unless Cluster Boxes installed by October 16

  • Swiss, FR

    Why did you morons let them change the manner of delivery after it was established?