Paper trade group calls Carper bill a step in the right direction

WASHINGTON – American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA) President and CEO Donna Harman today issued the following statement regarding the Sen. Tom Carper’s (D-DE) introduction of a Postal Reform bill.

“We appreciate Senator Carper’s leadership on the introduction of legislation aimed at improving the financial viability of the U.S. Postal Service. AF&PA’s top priority in comprehensive postal reform is rate stability and customer service if mail is to compete with ever-increasing options to reach consumers. We remain concerned about the effects of the exigency rate increase. It was intended to be a limited escape valve for extraordinary circumstances and not a permanent solution.

“AF&PA looks forward to working with Chairman Ron Johnson and Senator Carper to address industry concerns and ensure that the vital services provided by the Postal Service are maintained for all Americans.”

  • Mark Jamison

    Interesting watching some of these trade groups trip over each other and themselves trying to position themselves on a piece of legislation that is likely to go nowhere. This sort of political theater is an indication of one of the biggest problems with today’s politics and government. Every industry has a trade group, often more than one. The lobbyists who man these groups play a sort of group dance with elected officials. It’s a game that involves lots of money – lobbyists get paid well and of course political contributions are involved.
    The thing is that basic policy really never gets discussed. There’s rarely a point where underlying philosophy or the consequences of policy get discussed in anything like a factual manner. Some of this is nothing more than people grinding the lobbying wheel to get paid. I’m a member of a postal lessors group, mainly because it gets me cheap insurance on the building I lease to the Postal Service. This is a relatively small organization that has little leverage or pull but they pull out all the stops to send lobbyists to make the rounds mostly to no real effect.
    The AF&PA, the NNA, the Greeting Card Association and other groups all have highly paid CEOs and staff. Maybe they do useful things in advancing the interests of the industries they represent but the more I study this stiff the more it seems like it’s just another set of grifters trying to get in on the con.