Carper’s latest bill to “save” USPS would change postal workers and retirees health benefits, make exigency rate hike permanent

Update: The full text of Senator Carper’s bill is now available, and we have more details about how it would change postal workers’ and retirees’ health insurance coverage here.

The Senator who helped create the US Postal Service’s financial problems by co-authoring the disastrous 2006 PAEA law, is ready to offer yet another proposal to “fix” the USPS.

According to Government Executive, Senator Tom Carper’s latest bill would set up a separate postal service health benefit program (PSHBP) “within the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program and managed by the Office of Personnel Management”.  All postal workers and retirees would be required to enroll in a PSHBP plan. Medicare would become the primary coverage for eligible employees and annuitants.

The bill would also make the exigency rate increase permanent, and restrict the agency’s ability to close facilities and lower service standards. It would not require the USPS to continue Saturday mail delivery, but would encourage it to come up with new revenue sources.

The law would also allow for a more realistic schedule for pre-funding future retiree health benefits, ending the arbitrary trust fund payments Carper’s PAEA law put into place.

Given the lack of interest in his earlier efforts, the Senator may have thought that his new bill would do better if it had a catchy title, so he named it “iPost”, which stands for the “Improving Postal Operations, Service and Transparency” Act. Ironically, iPost is also the name of a marketing company that relies on email exclusively…

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  • Tony

    This guy is a complete fool and another solid example of Washington’s out of touch Politicians…Grow a pair Senator and repeal that Moronic PAEA you and your buddies stuck the Postal Service with in 2006, that you could use as your own Piggy Bank! Please resign! You are far too dumb to be leading anything!

  • Postal Person

    I don’t think he’s dumb. I think he’s being being rewarded by someone or a group of someone’s to propose all these continually corrosive Postal bills. At the least it continues to foster the idea that the usps isn’t federal. It’s time to get rid of all these sneaky career politicians.

  • Joseph Wisniewski

    how about His insurance. I’ll bet he doesn’t touch it. This guy needs to be taken out back and sat down and talked too about his no brain stupid ideas

  • 007jayc

    He’s just repeating what the Koch brothers told him to say. Puppet on strings, just like
    Scott Walker.

  • Deb Troyer Callahan

    REALLY i I work for the federal government an
    d you’re going to make me have Medicare for insurance I hope I’m not going to have to pay for it like I have to pay for the Blue Cross I have now which is don’t get me wrong its okay insurance but they don’t pay all of anything so I still can’t afford to go to the doctor

  • Robert Nalaski

    Senator carper must hate federal employees and postal workers. Years of loyal service means nothing to him. For shame senator carper admit to world you are now a Republican.

  • mr.

    Yet another Bill introduce to hurt hard working middle class families.The more benefits you decrease or take away, the less money we will have to support America.