Has Bernie Sanders “forced the USPS board of governors out of business”?

Update: Bernie Sanders’ office has declined to comment on whether or not the Senator is blocking the BOG nominations, so it’s a pretty safe bet that he is!

Vermont Senator, and candidate for President, Bernie Sanders has made no secret of his desire to get the US Postal Service to reverse its recent service cuts. But a report earlier this week suggests that the Senator has engaged in an unpublicized effort to cripple the service’s Board of Governors by blocking President Obama’s nominations to the BOG.

The report, citing unnamed sources, is from veteran Washington journalist Bill McAllister, writing in Linn’s Stamp News:

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., the only 2016 presidential candidate to address postal issues in his campaign, has been acting without public attention on another important postal issue.

The Vermont senator single handily has forced the United States Postal Service board of governors out of business, two individuals familiar with the issue have told Linn’s.

By placing holds on President Barack Obama’s appointments to the board during the past two years, Sanders has allowed the board to shrink to what will be a single presidential appointee as of Dec. 9.

bernie-sanders-portrait-01Whether Sanders could actually put the BOG out of business by denying it a quorum is an open question, as Al Urbanski pointed out yesterday in Direct Marketing News. Last December the BOG, while it still had a valid quorum, established a “Temporary Emergency Committee”, made up of the current BOG members, and empowered it to exercise the BOG’s powers whenever a quorum of appointed members was absent.

It is that committee that has been governing the USPS since January.

Exactly what Senator Sanders would hope to achieve by blocking a BOG quorum is unclear. We’ve been in touch with the Senator’s office, but so far have not received any comment on the Linn’s report.

Source: U.S. Postal Service board of governors could shrink to one member by December

  • Danny

    Well, as the BOG normally consists of mailing industry insiders and corporate raiders who’s only interest in a ‘public’ postal service is to have the public subsidize their own businesses low rates, maybe Sanders has a good reason to put a hold on the appointments.

  • The Last Patriot


    Excellent points!

  • Zeus

    The BOG was useless and provided no oversight whatsoever when they had a full board and allowed Donahoe free reign to destroy the Postal Service and appointed his protogee’ Megan Brennan to continue what he started,good riddance.

  • Old Mailman

    Three of Obama’s appointees were Ratpublican privatizers who want to break the Postal Service,that is the reason Sanders has held up the appointments.

  • Mailman030

    The problem lies with the process for picking the nominees. The president has the right to have the majority of the BOG be his nominees while the other party picks the other 4 members. When most of these nominees were picked, Mitch McConnell was the Senate Minority Leader and he picked people like Jim Miller whose goal in life seems to be to privatize the Postal Service. What you end with are the only two constant members of the BOG being the PMG and the Assistant PMG, who can push through whatever crazy agenda they want. The reason Pat Donahoe felt safe in doing and saying what he did during his tenure was because he knew that no majority would exist to keep him in check. As far as the BOG restoring the service standards, that will never happen unless Congress mandates it and Senator Sanders should know that.

  • postalnews

    Not true- “Not more than five of the nine may belong to the same political party.” In practice, that means the opposition party selects four members.

    The law also says that ” They shall be chosen solely on the basis of their experience in the field of public service, law or accounting or on their demonstrated ability in managing organizations or corporations (in either the public or private sector) of substantial size, except that at least four of the governors shall be chosen solely on the basis of their demonstrated ability in managing organizations or corporations (in either the public or private sector) that employ at least 50,000 employees.”

  • One bird one cup

    Since in 2021 this Sanders smear is still making the news, it might be good to note that McAllister was Sarah Palin’s spokesperson, and is acknowledged as “deeply conservative.”
    In that respect, it’s no wonder he “forgot” to mention that Sanders (at the request of the Postal Union) put the hold on two nominees, and Mitch McConnell blocked the other three in retaliation. Does this publication…. serve… postal workers? Or someone else?