Video: Colorado letter carrier charged with assault, harassment while delivering mail

ARAPAHOE COUNTY, Colo. – A postal worker was charged with assault Wednesday after a fight while delivering mail to an apartment complex in Arapahoe County.

According to Daphney Bly, a resident at Sienna at Cherry Creek Apartments, she was assaulted while trying to retrieve her mail. Bly was expecting some medication for her Ehlers Danlos Syndrome to arrive. When she checked her box, a postal worker, Tora Wright, was there filling the slots. Bly said Wright told her it would take 30 minutes. Bly says she left and came back, Wright was still there.

“As I was walking past her, she had the panel open,” said Bly. “I saw that it looked like I had a USPS flat-rate envelope.”

Bly said she told Wright that she saw the package. Bly reached for it. That’s when things escalated.

“I reached for my package,” Bly said. “She cursed at me and asked me to get back. So, I did. I stepped back.”

The argument wasn’t over. Bly tried to record the interaction but said Wright grabbed her phone.

Source: Postal worker charged with assault, harassment while delivering mail – 7NEWS Denver

  • a little common sense

    The customer admitted that she reached into the box. Whether the customer did it rudely or out of ignorance; she was wrong to do so. If the carrier cursed at the customer and/or tried to grab the customer’s phone (for any reason) the carrier was wrong. The customer’s improper behavior does not excuse the carrier’s improper behavior.

  • N2u2Doll

    “Unbelievable” & and the newscaster & customer both include & and try to justify it by saying the package was her “Ehlers Danlos Syndrome” medication. Whether it was medication or just a simple letter, you do not put your hand into the mailbox. The carrier does not know if the person is trying to steal mail but she should have called the police & her supervisor instead of interacting with the customer beyond just telling her “not to reach in” & to please stand back. Unbelievable as the customer states she was asked to stand back, if this was the case & she had complied, there would have been no altercation

  • N2u2Doll

    And Ehlers Danlos Syndrome only requires the prescription of blood pressure medication. Why then does the customer have a whole arsenal of prescription bottles? Does she take 12 different types of medication or simply put out there for the dramatic effect. Yes the carrier was wrong, but then so was the customer who instigated the event by not listening to & failing to follow the instructions by the carrier.

  • BobOfArslan

    All the mailboxes are open and someone walks up and says “That looks like what I’m looking for” and reaches in a grabs it and the mail person is supposed to let her walk away, unchallenged????
    The woman admittedly was new to the neighborhood, so chances are very good that the letter carrier didn’t know her from Eve. What if this stranger reached in to YOUR mailbox and helped herself? I bet you’d appreciate the letter carrier stopping her.
    Once the mail is delivered, the letter carrier locks all of the boxes, and if you have a key to one of them, you open it and help yourself. But only then!