Video: TV reporter helps couple after USPS loses package

A San Lorenzo couple mailed a package to North Carolina, but the U.S. Postal Service lost it.

When they tried to send a sweater to a buyer in North Carolina, the package was undeliverable.

The person who bought the sweater moved and didn’t leave a forwarding address.

Cardiasmenos asked the post office to send him the package, but no one could find it. Records indicated it was somewhere at the Richmond post office. The post office bounced Cardiasmenos around from person to person until someone finally suggested he file a claim. “I don’t want to file a claim, I just want my package returned,” he said.

Cardiasmenos said he finally filed a claim two days before the 60 day deadline, but the post office told him it had no record of it.

When he filed his claim again, it was denied because he missed the deadline and that’s when he contacted 7 On Your Side. “We shouldn’t have had to go to 7 On Your Side, but they forced me into doing that,” he said.

Smith and Cardiasmenos received a check to replace the lost package. “7 On Your Side has been very good to me and my girlfriend,” Cardiasmenos said.

The post office is also in the process of refunding Smith and Cardiasmenos for the postage.

Source: 7 On Your Side helps San Lorenzo couple after U.S. Postal Service loses package |