Nonprofit mailers: New exigent appeal shows USPS places customers last

From Postcom:

The Alliance of Nonprofit Mailers has told its members that:

Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, the USPS on Friday, August 28, filed a Petition for Review of Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) Order Number 2623 that a month ago ruled that the exigent surcharge of 4.3 percent could be extended until next spring but then must end. Many expected this move, not because the USPS is likely to have strong legal grounds to overturn a very well done PRC decision, but more for political reasons to support action in Congress that would overrule both the regulator and the U.S. Court of Appeals by making the surcharge permanent. It could take months to resolve.

It is very difficult for customers to realize that with this USPS they do not come first, but rather last. Once again, litigation and legislation come before the organizations and companies that pay the freight and stay with the Postal Service through thick and thin.

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