USPS posts scanning video on Facebook, gets an earful from customers

The US Postal Service last month posted a brief time lapse video of a package zipping through a processing plant on its Facebook page with the caption: “Our scanners help us deliver billions of packages per year. By the time you watch this video, thousands have already been sent.”

fbcommentsMany customers were not impressed. The very first comment posted said “US Postal Service: how do I speak to customer service. You make it impossible to do so.” That comment received 76 likes and 43 replies, mostly from customers relating similar experiences: “Keep pressing zero while rocking in a corner and praying you hear a human voice cut through the automated recording. Whatever you do, do NOT give the system your tracking number if you want to talk to a live person or you’ll never get one.”

A number of comments were posted by postal employees defending the agency, and there were a few from customers like this one: ” love my post office…and my local mail carriers…Jackson, TN

Unfortunately though, the vast majority of 422 comments posted so far have been negative. Probably not what the USPS Social Media folks were looking for!


Our scanners help us deliver billions of packages per year. By the time you watch this video, thousands have already been sent.

Posted by US Postal Service on Friday, August 14, 2015

Source: US Postal Service

  • Rob Thomas

    Their social media efforts have been a joke for years. Sadly, UPS and FedEx respond to nearly every complaint or request for help on their Facebook pages. USPS just ignores them.

  • jonnyohio

    thats because expansion and customer service is not a priority for upper management, who push carriers into not caring either by loading them up with ever more work and demanding more pay cuts, and cutting services. All they care about is a bunch of meaningless numbers, and there is waste at every level of management. To top it all off we have a congress where the majority just don’t care, and most of the rest think the post office isn’t important to the American people and should just be gotten rid of.

  • Rob Thomas

    I completely agree. I would also point out this. I did some poking around and discovered that social media is run by the postal service’s press relations office. These people are responsible for building the USPS image, yet all they do is fail and embarrass the entire service with nonsense like this. We pay them six figure salaries for this!!!

  • jonnyohio

    Not only are they overpaid, but there are way more of them that is needed. Other than paying 6 figure incomes for these useless idiots here are a few more prime examples of money being wasted by management:

    They’ll make up a rule that one less person should be on the schedule and assume that this new policy saves money without doing the actual math. For instance, in our office we have a 5-6 hour aux route, but instead of bringing in a CCA to do the aux route on a Monday at a cost of $95 per day, they’ll pivot the route out to 7 regulars and the 2 CCAs they put on the schedule, and payout somewhere between $170 in overtime, assuming that each carrier will take about a 1/2 hour (1 loop each), which is typical given that they have to travel to the route, do the pivot and then travel back to the post office. That’s just in wages, not counting other expenses like the extra gas it takes to send 9 different vehicles to a route.

    I found out not too long ago that they actually pay at least one person in our district to sit in a room all day to watch us on GPS to make sure we are not sitting for too long in any one location. What a huge waste of money. A computer could very easily be setup to keep an eye on us and track how often a carrier stops and for how long and send alerts to the supervisor.

    Oh, and don’t get me started on MSP scans. We have GPS now that can more accurately tell how long it takes to get from point A to point B, so what the heck are MSP scans needed for now? So some bozo can keep their 6 figure income to needlessly stress over pointless MSP scans that outlived their usefulness years ago?

    I can only imagine how much money we’d be saving every year if the post office made some much needed cuts in management. At the very least, there should be some pay cuts. These people are making way too much for such little amount of work.